The “fell” of Naapurinvaara got the status of a gathering place 130 years ago, in 1887, when a 0.2-hectare parcel of land situated at 250 metres above sea level was subdivided for public use. The place was called a “fell” because as the result of slash-and-burn agriculture, there were either no trees at all, or the trees were in sapling stage.

The building of the first dance hall commenced in 1945. In 1959 a dance hall was built on the current location, and the hall had almost the present-day exterior dimensions. At that time, the dance hall was owned and operated by the Kainuu district association of the Communist Party of Finland. Currently, the Foundation of Sotkamo Youth Association owns the place, and the Sotkamo Youth Association uses the joint effort of volunteers to organise the dance events

The most famous event still is the Naapurinvaara Midsummer, which is a large-scale dance party in the evening of the Midsummer's Eve. That time—according to a paraphrase of an advertising slogan that was already in use in the 1960s—the lush nature of the south and the white night of the north encounter.

According to another famous slogan, at Midsummer—and especially after it in high summer—the girls of Kainuu are at their most beautiful, and the nature of the hill at its most lush.

In one year the Naapurinvaara Amusement Centre has a total of about forty different dance events and other events.

From Naapurinvaara hilltop, an amazing view opens over the hill-flanked open lake waters of Southern Kainuu. On a clear day, it is possible to see all the way to the neighbouring provinces of North Karelia and Northern Savonia. Of course, Vuokatinvaara dominates the scenery.

Naapurinvaara is today advertised as Finland’s best dance hall—a place located next to the famous tourist centre of Vuokatti.